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What We Do...

The Williamson County Rescue Squad is responsible for Fire, EMS, and Rescue response for central and western rural Williamson County outside the city limits of Franklin, Brentwood, Fairview, and Spring Hill that accounts for approximately 352 square miles.  The Williamson County Rescue Squad provides primary and secondary rescue services to all of rural Williamson County through automatic mutual aid aggrements in addition to providing automatic mutual aid to Fairview Fire Deparmtnet for all Structural Fire Assignments.  The Williamson County Rescue Squad also provides mutual aid to Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, Columbia & Maury County, Spring Hill, and other surrounding county Fire Departments as requested.  Below you will see a district map of Williamson County, this is the most recent image that is available so please note that district lines may be different than depicted.  Williamson County Rescue Squad districts include: 12, 14, 21, 22, & 23.


Radio Frequency Information

Primary Dispatch Frequency ("West Fire Dispatch") WCRS & Fairview FD: 154.385 mhz

Eastern Williamson County Fire Dispatch (Districts 17, 18, 19, & 28): 154.205 mhz

Williamson Medical Center EMS Primary: 155.925 mhz

Fire Suppression:

The Williamson County Rescue Squad, unlike most Rescue Squads, provides complete fire suppression services to its jurisdiction.  The Department serves the county with 5 Engines, 2 Tankers, 1 104' Aerial Ladder, 1 Light Rescue, 1 Heavy Rescue, 3 Brush/Med. units, and multiple support vehicles.  Three of the four stations are complete with living quarters which house three live-in personnel.  These members reside in the stations, providing quicker response times for these districts, especially during night time hours. 

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Rescue Services & Special Operations:

The Department provides complete rescue services to the residents of Williamson County.  Each station is fully capable of performing vehicle extrication through 2 Rescue Pumpers (Thompson Station & Grassland), 1 Light Rescue (Leiper's Fork), and 1 Heavy Rescue (Franklin) which responds to all MVA's.  The Department is a TARS members and certifies all of its members in vehicle extrication.  The Squad also provides swiftwater rescue & recovery services through 2 RescueOne connector boats.  The Department's Heavy Rescue truck is capable of providing rope rescue & high angle services as well as limited Hazardous Materials Response.  HazMat technician services are provided through Williamson County Emergency Management. 

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Vehicle Rescue/Extrication:

The Williamson County Rescue Squad was one of the first agencies in the State of Tennessee to operate Hydraulic Rescue Equipment (a.k.a. The Jaws of Life) and used to respond, mutual aid, from state line to state line answering calls for help from various agencies acroos the state.  The Squad continues to answer the need for vehicle rescue/extrication services in the county.  Each Fire District is capable of providing initial vehicle rescue services within minutes of the alarm.  The Department's Heavy Rescue Company responds out of Downtown Franklin (Station 14) to all motor vehicle accidents to provide support to the other three fire districts rescue capabilites.  This truck carries more equipment and some of the more heavy duty rescue tools for larger accidents.  Engine's 22 & 24 (Grassland & Thompson Station) carry the Hurst "Jaws of Life" along with Rescue 11 (Leiper's Fork).

See The Squad in Action!

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Water Rescue/Recovery:

When rivers and flood water rise, the Williamson County Rescue Squad is ready.  The Rescue Squad stays prepared and is able to mitigate water rescue operations throughout the entire region.  The Department is equipped with two RescueOne connector boats that are used for water rescue operations.  These boats are fully equipped with swiftwater rescue gear to be used by the department's trained swiftwater rescue swimmers.  The Department also takes part in the humble task of assisting with recovery operations throughout the region and regularly answers calls for assistance from department across the state that are involved in these recovery operations.


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Technical Rescue:

As a part of the Department's rescue priorities, The Rescue Squad performs technical rescue operations throughout the county.  Rescue 12 is the first out Heavy Rescue company for the department and carries High angle/Rope rescue, confined space rescue, and Swiftwater Rescue equipment in its payload.

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Hazardous Materials:

The Williamson County Rescue Squad is capable of performing operational response for hazardous material incidents throughout the county. The Williamson County Emergency Management Agency supports the Williamson County Rescue Squad by supplying equipment and training for these events.

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Disaster Relief & Operations:

When natural disasters strike Williamson County, the Squad responds to assist its citizens. Not only through Technical Rescue Operations for collapsed structures, Swift water Rescue, or Fire suppression. The department also responds for community assistance and to help those affected by these tragedies.

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Emergency Medical Response:

The Department operates at the First Responder Level for Emgergency Medical Response.  The Williamson County Rescue Squad responds along with Williamson Medical Center EMS to nearly all medical calls occuring within its jurisdiction.  Nearly all of the Department's personnel are Licensed by the State of Tennessee to practice as Emergency Medical First Responders, with many of the Department's personnel holding licenses up to Emergency Medical Technician IV (EMT-IV) level and Paramedic (EMT-P) level.  Personnel holding these certifications and licenses are required to not only meet the neccessary continued education requirements by the State, but are also required to participate in 6 hours of medical in-service every year as part of Williamson Medical Center's medical direction.  The Department responds to Emergency Medical calls with 2 of its Brush/Medical units (Stations 14 & 22), 1 Light Rescue (Station 21), and 1 Engine Company (Station 23) is also equipped to handle EMS calls.  The Department's Heavy Rescue company is also fully capable to respond, if needed, to any EMS calls. 

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Fire Prevention:

The Williamson County Rescue Squad's Division of Fire Prevention is responsible for investigations, education, and prevention of fires within the W.C.R.S. response districts.  The Division is also responsible for reviewing plans for any new subdivisions and performs commericial inspections for reported non-compliance.

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Public Fire Safety Education:

One of the Department's highest priorities is providing Public Fire Safety Education throughout the county.  You may have seen the Squad at your child's school, or a birthday party, or perhaps a grand opening or other event.  It is through these events that the department promotes fire safety education to the children, adults, and senior citiens of this county.  The Division of Fire Prevention is responsible for coordinating these events throughout the year.  Some of the public relations and education services that are provided include: Fire Safety talks for children, Fire safety in the Home presentations for adults, mother's day out presentatiosn, Fire Engine Demonstrations for children, Fire Station tours, grand opening appearances, and much more.  If you would like the Squad to come to your school, work, business, or other special event contact the Division of Fire Prevention at (615) 790-5821 and request to schedule a public education event.  You can also now request these events by filling out the ONLINE PUBLIC EDUCATION REQUEST FORM

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Fire Investigations:

The Divsion of Fire Prevention investigates the cause and origin of all structure fires and vehicle fires within the Williamson County Rescue Squad's jurisdiction. In addition, the Divsion investigates the cause and origin of any ground cover fires of a suspicious nature. These fire are investigated so as not to overlook a fire of incediary cause. The Division of Fire Prevention works hand-in-hand with the Criminal Investigations Division of the Williamson County Sheriff's Department to prevent arson crime in Williamson County. Investigatiosn are performed by Certified Fire & Explosion Investigators: FM Bob Galoppi, LT Joshua Sanders, Terry Hood, Todd Wilson, and ENG. James Bennett. If you have any questions or information for the Division of Fire Prevention call headquarters at (615) 790-5821 or e-mail fireprevention@wcfire.com.

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Mutual Aid:

The Department maintains several automatic mutual aid agreements with many departments across Williamson County. These agreements are in place to assist fellow firefighters across the county with vehicle extrication and technical rescue as well as for fire suppresion support. The department also graciously recieves support from neighboring departments when needed.

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