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The Operations division of the Williamson County Fire-Rescue is made up of 8 Suppression Companies each supervised by a Captain & Lieutenant.  These companies are assigned to one of the eight stations.  Members are assigned to the companies based on the geographic location of their residence.

Company/Division Rosters

Station Last First Position
Operations Bowman Chief Todd Chief
Operations House Eddie Assit. Chief
Operations Hood Timothy Day Captain
Operations Galoppi Robert Fire Marshall
Operations Reed Tim Training / Safety Captain
Operations Almon Joseph Training Lieutenant
Board Holtje Bruce President
Board Crowell Keith Vice President
Board Pewitt Dale Treasurer
Board Sympson Ashlae Rec Secretary
Board Almon John Unit Director
12/14 Phelps Christopher Captain, Tech II/AAO
12/14 Sessions Ryan Lieutenant, Tech II
12 Burgett Doug Engineer/Tech II
12 Pandillo Anthony Firefighter/Driver
12 Weinstein David Firefighter/Driver
12 Martinez Reynaldo Probationary Firefighter
12 Moore Sammuel Probationary Firefighter
12 Stansberry Matthew Firefighter
12 Sullikowski Ryan Probationary Firefighter
12 Browne Sean Probationary Firefighter
12 Hook Stephen Probationary Member
12 Smith Chase Probationary Member
12 Mundy Victor Probationary Member
12 Rosseli Matthew Probationary Member
12 Crowell Keith Tech II/AAO
14 Agosto Matthew Firefighter
14 Cropper Samuel Firefighter
14 Smith Joshua Engineer/Tech II
14 Ingram George Probationary Firefighter
14 Slayton Sarah Probationary Firefighter
14 Hayes Tate Probationary Member
14 Breeding Stephen Probationary Member
14 Brown Courtney Probationary Member
14 Hargrove Christopher Probationary Member
14 Lux Jeffrey Probationary Firefighter
14 King Gabriel Probationary Firefighter
14 Yancy Craig Firefighter
14 Pewitt James Tech II/AAO
14 Carlton Meaghan FF/Driver
14 Gay Edwin Probationary Member
12 Gaffney Ryan Probationary Member
12 Hayes Michael Probationary Member
14 Bartley Lucas Probationary Member
14 Woodall Michael Probationary Member
21 Burris Barry Captain, Tech II
21 Schroeder John Lieutenant, Tech II
21 O'Leary Mike Tech II
21 Hughes Hugh Engineer
21 Lipscomb Warren Firefighter
21 Hill Cody Tech II
21 Nall Frankie Firefighter
21 Saunders Jason Engineer / Tech II
21 Tatum Steven Firefighter
21 Tatum Dennis Engineer / Tech II
21 Landrigan Thomas Probationary Member
21 Terp Brian Probationary Member
22 Trivett Chase Captain, Tech II/AAO
22 Neible Steve Lieutenant, Tech II/AAO
22 Mazzoni Adam Tech II/AAO
22 Easterling Colton Firefighter/Driver
22 Neible Eric Engineer
22 McAbee Blake Firefighter/Driver
22 Puckett Nick Firefighter/Driver
22 Polenzani Joe Engineer/AAO
22 Carter Jamie Engineer
22 Perkins Sterling Probationary Firefighter
22 Riodian James Firefighter
22 LoPiccolo John Probationary Firefighter
22 Nabors Russell Probationary Firefighter
22 Lund Michael Probationary Firefighter
22 Ingram Douglas Driver
22 Chapman Andy Engineer/AAO
22 Sanders Joshua Engineer/AAO
22 Walton Jack Engineer
22 Gambill James Tech II/AAO
22 Curby Stephanie Probationary Member
22 Amari Laura Probationary Member
22 Young Adrian Probationary Member
22 Ballard Samuel Probationary Member
23 Almon William Captain, Tech II/AAO
23 OPEN   Lieutenant
23 Wade Dinah Tech I
23 Lenart Harley Probationary Firefighter
23 Floyd Curtis Probationary Firefighter
23 Lankford Alex Probationary Firefighter
23 Bizwell Jason Tech I
23 Spencer Adam Engineer/Tech II
23 Oxford Mike Firefighter
23 Hood Carson Probationary Firefighter
23 King Ronnie Probationary Firefighter
23 Spradley William Probationary Member
23 Obermeyer Mark Engineer/Tech I
23 Everett Kris Tech I
23 Clouthier Katie Firefighter
23 Guzman Antonio Probationary Member
23 McCandless Brian Engineer/Tech I
23 Wilhelm Gregory Engineer/Tech I
23 Sympson John Firefighter
23 Rusch Jake Probationary Firefighter
23 Bonson Jay Engineer/AAO
23 Durham Ryan Probationary Member
23 Gumbman William Probationary Member
23 Cole Trevor Probationary Member
23 Brown Timothy Probationary Member
23 Denault Trevor Probationary Firefighter
23 Stouder Tara Probationary Firefighter
23 Sawyer Daniel Probationary Member
23 Wade Adam Probationary Member
24 Rutledge Bobby Captain, Tech II
24 Holtje Keith Lieutenant, Tech II/AAO
24 Pewitt Byron Engineer/Tech II
24 Kergosien Gaines Firefighter
24 Hood Patrick Engineer
24 Perry Thomas Firefighter
24 Holland Thomas Firefighter
24 Shahan James Probationary Firefighter
24 Robinson Andrew Probationary Firefighter
24 Yancy Chase Probationary Firefighter
24 Kergosien Mary Probationary Firefighter
24 McGee Kirk Tech II/AAO
24 Osteen Blake Tech II/AAO
24 Homrich Stephen Tech II/AAO
24 Shriner Alex Probationary Firefighter
24 Bickford Carolyn Probationary Member
24 Bickford Peter Probationary Member
24 Rucker Paul Probationary Member
30 Forehand Charlene Captain, Tech II/AAO
30 Whitney Billy Firefighter/Driver
30 Harrah Chad Engineer
30 Suggs Nathan Probationary Firefighter
30 Montgomery Nathan Probationary Firefighter
30 Brown Jeffrey Probationary Member
30 Burns Tim Tech II/AAO
30 Dugger Cody Probationary Firefighter
30 Strange Michelle Probationary Member
30 Wiggins Justin Probationary Member
35 Adams Andy Captain
35 Claxton Robert Lieutenant
35 DeLano Chad Engineer
35 Walker Brandon Engineer
35 Sullivan Micah Engineer
35 Sullivan Stephen Probationary Firefighter
35 Carson Crystal Probationary Firefighter
35 Thompson Charles Probationary Firefighter
35 Gonzalez Mario Probationary Member
35 Wingo Harold FireFighter
35 Jones Houston Probationary Member