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The Operations division of the Williamson County Fire-Rescue is made up of 7 Suppression Companies each supervised by a Captain & Lieutenant.  These companies are assigned to one of the seven stations.  Members are assigned to the companies based on the geographic location of their residence.

Company/Division Rosters


Fire Chief Todd Bowman
Assistant Chief Eddie House

Full-Time Staff

Captain Tim Hood

Division of Fire Prevention

Fire Marshal, Captain Bob Galoppi

Training Division

Training Officer, Captain Tim Reed
Asst. Training Officer, Lieutenant Joey Almon
Safety Officer, Captain Tim Reed

Department Operations

Station 12/14 - Franklin

Station Captain Chris Phelps
Station Lieutenant


Company 12  
Engineer Doug Burgett
Firefighter Doug Ingram
Firefighter Kyle Davis
Probationary Firefighter Chris Martin
Probationary Firefighter Ryan Sessions
Company 14  
Firefighter Byron Pewitt
Firefighter Don Sowers
Engineer Open
Firefighter Matt Lilly
Probationary Firefighter Matt Agosto
Probationary Firefighter Sam Cropper 
Lifetime Member Craig Yancy
Lifetime Member Darin Rutledge
Lifetime Member James Will Pewitt 

Station 21 - Leipers Fork

Station Captain Barry Burris
Station Lieutenant John Schroeder
Engineer Ricky Ford
Engineer B.J. Pruit
Firefighter John Sandlin
Firefighter Jason Saunders 
Firefighter Cody Hill
Firefighter Frankie Nall
Firefighter Steven Tatum
Lifetime Member Dennis Tatum

Station 22 - Grassland

Station Captain Chase Trivett
Station Lieutenant Steve Neible
Engineer Adam Mazzoni
Engineer Blake Osteen
Engineer  Colton Easterling 
Firefighter Eric Neible
Firefighter Steve Neible
Firefighter Kyle Leake
Engineer Scott Hughes
Firefighter  Blake McAbee 
Firefighter  Nick Puckett 
Engineer  Joe Polenzani 
Probationary Firefighter  Tony Pandillo 
Probationary Firefighter  Jason Campbell 
Lifetime Member  Andy Chapman 
Lifetime Member Joshua Sanders 
Lifetime Member Jack Walton 

Station 23 - Thompson's Station

Station Captain  Bill Almon 

Station Lieutenant  Bobby Rutledge 
Company 40  
Engineer Joey Almon
Firefighter Jason Bizwell
Engineer Open
Tech 1 Dinah Wade
Engineer Jay Bonson
Firefighter Rhett Lashley
Engineer Brian McCandless
Probationary Firefighter Chelsea Hood 
Engineer Mark Obermeyer
Probationary Firefighter Alex Shriner
Firefighter John Sympson
Probationary Firefighter Kris Everett
Probationary Firefighter  Patrick Hood 
Company 50  
Engineer Todd Wilson 
Engineer John Smith
Tech 1 Greg Wilhelm
Engineer Tiffany Hood
Engineer Kris Bull
Engineer Adam Spencer
Engineer Keith Holtje
Firefighter Gaines Kergosien
Firefighter Mike Oxford
Firefighter Katie Clouthier
Probationary Firefighter Andrew Fox
Lifetime Member Kirk McGee
Lifetime Member OPEN

Station 30 - Primm Springs

Station Captain        Charlene Forehand 
Firefighter  TC Cartwright 
Engineer  Tony Forster
Engineer  Tinsley Neilson 
Firefighter Matt Brown
Engineer Jason Creary 
Station 35 - Fairview
Station Captain Andy Adams     
Station Lieutenant Rob Claxton 

Chad Delano 

Firefighter   Rob Scott 
Lifetime Member Doug Wingo